[ Pet of the Month: April ] Nugget the Rabbit

[ Pet of the Month: April ] Nugget the Rabbit

Welcome to the very first installment of our Pet of the Month series in Pet-Friendly Penticton's new Creature Feature blog!

Let's -jump- right into it, shall we? ;)


Responses Courtesy of : Jessika S. (Nugget's Human)



How old is Nugget?

Nugget is 6, his birthday is approximately March 31- but I don’t remember exactly.


~ Happy Birthday Nugget! ~


What Variety of Rabbit is Nugget?

I was told he was a dwarf rabbit when I got him, but clearly he is anything but! Haha- I believe his breed is Rex mixed with something else.


Does Nugget go for walks/adventures?

Nugget comes to the beach with me in the summer time, and loves lounging and eating the grass. He also loves going out to the gazebo in my backyard and being able to run with out being on a leash. I have also taken him to work with me and he’s been the “Easter bunny” for a few classes of preschool aged kiddos over the years! He’s so gentle and loveable.



Does Nugget know any tricks?

Nugget doesn’t know any tricks but is litter trained and is super good about not peeing outside of his litter box when he free runs.


Does Nugget have a Favourite Treat or Toy?

He LOVES yogurt drop treats - I only have to shake the bag and he will come running and try to stick his whole face in the bag and gobble as many as he can. He likes any rolling toys- he likes to pick them up and toss them, and he and I will toss them back and forth.


When rabbits are happy & excited, they binky!


noun, plural bin·kies.

 - the playful twisting leap that a rabbit makes, usually with a 180–turn in midair:

verb (used without object), bin·kied, bin·ky·ing.
 - (of a rabbit) to make a playful twisting leap, usually with a 180–turn in midair:

Ex. It’s delightful to watch our bunnies binkying in the backyard.


Bunny's binky when they're happy and excited~ What makes Nugget binky?

Nugget will binky or do his “happy hops” as I call them when he is given the freedom to run around! They have become a little less frequent as he gets older but they are so cute!


Have you had other rabbits – or is Nugget your first? 

Nugget is my first bunny that is only mine.


Does Nugget ever get baths? What grooming is needed?

I do not bathe nugget as he takes care of cleaning himself. I brush him when he is shedding a lot to help get excess fur off, but I don’t need to do it regularly. I clip his nails every couple weeks - that requires staying on top of.


Does Nugget have any 'fur siblings'?

He has one younger fur sister named Teddi- she is almost 2, and is a 'morkie'. Teddi loves Nugget and Nugget is very tolerant of her craziness.


~ Teddi is full of energy! ~


Are there any words of advice you'd like to offer to prospective or new bunny parents?

My advice to new bunny parents to be aware that although bunnies may be considered easier than a dog for example, they still require consistent time, energy and love for them to thrive. 


Anything else you'd like to maybe add?

Nugget has a bunch of nicknames including : “nugster”, “nuggy buddy”, and “Mr. Nugs” ~!

Bunnies are amazing pets and I’m really lucky to have such a sweet handsome little guy.






In addition to this Interview & Complimentary photo shoot, Nugget was featured in the cover image for our 'Community Board' Facebook group for the month.


Nugget won his spot as Pet of the Month by random draw from a pool of photo entries on our contest post.

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