[ Shop Pet Spotlight ] PICKLE - Pawsitivity Ambassador for Pet-Friendly Penticton

[ Shop Pet Spotlight ] PICKLE - Pawsitivity Ambassador for Pet-Friendly Penticton

Happy Take Your Pet To Work Week!
[ June 19th - 23rd, 2023 ]

Talk about a great thing to celebrate, and so perfectly on brand for Pet-Friendly Penticton~ it's almost like they had this one made just for us! ;)
Even though that clearly isn't the case, we're going to celebrate as though it totally is and take advantage of this opportune timing to launch the newest series in our Creature Feature blog: the Shop Pet Spotlight!

Since it's one of our most frequently requested topics and we get 5 whole days to celebrate, PFP has teamed up with 5 pet-friendly local businesses who are all very excited to introduce you to their 4-legged team members~ 



Monday, June 19th - Today, the first day of Take Your Pet To Work Week, also happens to be Take Your Cat To Work Day specifically- so for this first Shop Pet Spotlight, who better to introduce first but our/Pet-Friendly Penticton's own fuzzy-faced feline team member, who got to come to work with me for the very first time, today!


 Pet-Friendly Penticton 
Pawsitivity Ambassador

Age: 16; Born September 22nd, 2006

Breed: Domestic Shorthair; Dilute Caliby (Calico/Tabby)

Preferred Food: Yours. (Of those, probably cheeseburgers)

Favourite Toys: Pencils & String 

Dislikes: Rustling plastic bags; Dogs~ (She got surprised by an overly friendly pug tongue last summer and has made it very clear she will not consider forgiving the affront~)

Quirks: Very chatty... and she will meow if you just point at her! 


We have been taking Pickle out on backpack catventures for less than 2 years, and when we started I never expected how far we would come, or how much she would love going out to wander and explore. <3 

Never doubt that even an old dog or cat can learn new tricks!
After a short bus ride, we've arrived at Spare Room Co.~  Parking lot is on the Okanagan Ave side of the building. Follow the arrow over to the Camrose Street side to find our entrance if you're coming for an appointment. If you have donations to unload, you're welcome to pull in to the driveway at the large loading bay door



Just inside the loading bay doors, you will find the new office space 'home' for Pet-Friendly Penticton as well as Kona's business, Router Cat Media.


Hard at work on cat-scan duty~ Our Pet Supply Lending Library & Food Bank shelf passed Pickle's quality control inspection!


All work and no play makes for a dull day~


Special thanks to Spare Room Co. for helping us find an afforable, pet-friendly space that made it possible to launch our Lending Library and Food Bank initiatives!




Meet another local shop pet in our next post, for Tuesday - don't forget to check back through the week to catch the remaining 4 Shop Pet Spotlights!

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